I am sick and tired of people and their fake ness, i can smell that stuff a mile away. I can tell when a person is feeling some type of way towards me but does not want to own up to it, but my spirit always shows me their true colors…Which is why i do not have much friends, to avoid me coming out my character i rather just stay away..I left my hometown and family to be relaxed and drama free so peace!!!!! I am very content and happy with the women i have become, it took alot of BS to get to where I am…


What The Signs Bedrooms Look Like

Aries: Always a mess. What’s the point in cleaning if its just going to get dirty again? There are posters from their favorite tv shows everywhere, and old t-shirts from theme parks they’ve been to. Lots of things that hold sentimental value. 

Taurus: Dreamy. The walls are a light shade of blue and there’s always a million pillows on the bed. Their beds are so inviting and look super comfortable. They have all their favorite treats stashed and their favorite stuffed animal near. 

Gemini: Loud. Just like their personality. There’s bright colors and quotes all over the wall. They have pictures tacked up with all of their friends and a spot for them all to write funny notes. They are a lover of candles and things that smell really good too.

Cancer: Simple but inviting. There’s not much in a Cancers room because they spend very little time there alone, but people always want to be in this room even though it lacks anything super special when you look at it, there are lots of memories that coat the walls. 

Leo: Fun. This is your dream room. Leo’s have the coolest comforters and paintings that you haven’t seen anywhere else and while they were all bought separate they still seem to flow together perfectly. They have the largest VHS collection. 

Virgo: Perfect. The bedspread matches the walls and the walls match the paintings and the paintings match the accessories. Everything matches, you can tell this bedroom was set up all at the same time with the same thing in mind and their taste is excellent!

Scorpio: Mysterious. There’s always some crazy thing going on in a Scorpio’s room and they’re always anxious to show you. They change up their rooms a lot. There’s blacklights everywhere one day, complete with posters and then there’s ouija boards and tarot cards spread all over the room the next. You’ll never know what you’re walking into when you approach a Scorpio’s room. 

Libra: Typical Room. This room has everything you’re used to seeing and you don’t have to ask where things are because its always so organized. Old CD’s in one section, old ribbons from school on the wall, floor length mirror in the other, wall of photos on the left and the dry erase board with messages from when you all were in middle school. A Libras room is sentimental. 

Sagittarius: Crazy. There’s bound to be marker all over the Sagittarius room, because their parents never let them draw on the wall when they were younger. So they had a bunch of friends come over and draw on it now. There’s probably a painting they did them-selves in the corner and loads of music all over the room. Just a lot of cool little knick-knacks. 

Capricorn: Organized. Capricorns can’t stand messes. They know where everything is at all times. Their music is alphabetized, their clothes are color coordinated. Capricorns have to be the most aesthetically pleasing signs out of the zodiac. 

Aquarius: Special. No one really knows what an Aquarius has in their room because they don’t show their rooms to very many people. They like to keep them private, and treat them as a place to escape. 

Pisces: The bed is the main focus here because its where they spend most of their time. Its likely to have a huge comforter and lots of blankets. A Pisces spends the majority of their time locked away in their room, so this is one room you would never get tired of. There’s all kinds of interesting books and movies, records everywhere and paintings all over the wall. Its all miscellaneous but it flows together really nicely

How to recognize a toxic friend


1. Is this a person who always puts you down? A friend is someone who accepts you as you are – and allows you to be different, and to think for yourself, and to make your own decisions – without an explanation. However, if a person is demeaning or always puts you down, criticises your opinions, or the way you dress or look, then that’s someone to avoid as they’re a toxic friend.

2. Do they gossip about you? A friend is someone you can totally trust. You can share your deepest secrets, and say what’s on your mind – and they won’t tell a person or betray your trust. However, if you always have to watch what you say around a friend, as they’re likely to gossip or let a secret slip, then it’s likely that this person is a toxic friend.

3. Do they constantly mock and make fun of you? A bit of gentle ribbing shows affection between friends. But if they’re always making fun of you, or highlighting your faults, or attacking you in public, then they’re not a genuine friend.

4. How do you feel after being with your friend? Think about your answers to the following:

– Do you feel defensive when you spend time with them?

– Do you feel hurt or upset after spending time with them?

– Do you feel as if you always have to justify yourself instead of being “natural” around your friend?

– Do you enjoy their company or do you feel ambivalent?

– Do they undermine your confidence and self-esteem?

– Do you feel attacked and used after spending time with them?

– Does the friendship feel unbalanced and require a lot of work?

– Is it more a competition than a genuine friendship?

Note: If you recognize the signs of a toxic friend, then it’s time to move on and find a different friend. Being with this individual will wreak your happiness.

Putting together an outfit

There are days where I can’t seem to find anything to wear. Although my closet will be full of clothes, I’m not satisfied with the outfits I’m coming up with. I always want to create something new but have a hard time putting together creative outfits when I feel like I’ve worn out everything in my closet! So here are some tips to help get past the morning dilemmas of finding what to wear.1) “I want to look cute! But don’t feel like dressing up today.” – If an outfit just isn’t wanting to come together, stop with the frustration and grab a t-shirt and jeans. I’m always happier when I decide to put off the eccentric outfit that isn’t looking good that day, and pull out my basic pieces. Although I waste my whole morning on an outfit that I didn’t even end up wearing, I’m much more comfortable during the day and I can always try again tomorrow!

2) “It’s too cold to wear this!” – Weather can be a huge pain when deciding what to wear. Especially when you wake up to clouds and hours later the sun is beaming down. But instead of toughing out the early morning chills because you want to wear your favorite crop top, layer up! You can always take off layers throughout the day, but can’t add more if all you’re stuck with is what you’ve got on!

3) “I wore that yesterday!” – I am always telling myself this. When I have go-to pieces it is hard not to wear them to the bone. But if there is a shirt or a pair of pants you want to wear, even though you wore them the day before yesterday, put it on! Jeans especially, no one is going to remember that you wore your dark grey Hudson’s on Tuesday. And if there’s a shirt you like, switch up what you wore with it. Add a skirt instead of jeans, or layer it with a nice jacket! Don’t be afraid to become an outfit repeater! Slowly but surely you will build up your closet to never have to! 

What sort of difficulties do you all have when putting together an outfit? 

how to begin loving yourself

Loving yourself is hard work! The best advice I can give is fake it til u make it. Pretend you love yourself and eventually you will find that you are truly amazing indeed. . Caption photos of yourself “I’m freakin adorable/great/smart/important etc” “love me” “honestly I am amazing!” Etc. look in the mirror and instead of being critical say “damn I look good today!” Find things that make you feel confident: an item of clothing, a shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, a particular way you do eyeliner/eyebrows, no makeup, a pair of shoes, glasses, hair clip. Whatever makes you feel good! Maybe it’s an activity: drawing, swimming, running, doing derivatives, algebra, i dont know enough about science to say something specific but physics! Biology!, doodling on your arm, writing lists, etc. Find what makes you confident (no matter how small) and harness that energy. Feed off of that energy until you can move onto another thing.

“Wow that clip I really like makes my hair look really cute. I like how it frames my face. My face looks really nice with my hair likes this because it points to my mouth really nicely. I like when stuff highlights my mouth cause the shape of my lips is so nice…” and so on. Once you find something you feel good about it can lead you to feel good about something else and something else!
In terms of specifically body image, it can be tough. One good exercise is to, again, find something you like. Look in the mirror and compliment parts of you that you like. This can be hard at first—it feels unnatural and forced, but eventually it becomes easier.
Another idea is dressing in a way that makes you feel more confident. This is something I do. For me this means wearing goofy funky stuff anything you can be creative, it could be a specific pair of pants that you think make your legs look nice, or a certain color that brings out your eyes or looks good with your skin.


find something small you can like and accept, and build off of it until you’re confident in more and more.


1. Talk about your body.
2. When someone compliments you, just say thank you.
3. Question the things you used to take for granted.
4. Don’t assign good or bad values to food and exercise.
5. Wear clothes that fit you and make you feel good.
6. Think about activities you’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared to try – and do them.
7. Don’t weigh yourself.
8. No negative self talk.
9. Tell yourself you are awesome.