take some empty pepsi or glass coca cola bottles

Fill with water

Porthos or flowers look great

What good is a home with out flowers or plants. Your home would look very plain without these home decors that we love so much. 

A lot of people love to go shopping and pick up a few items to decorate the home, however, a lot of people like to try and do it yourself(DIY)decor as well.

My therapy..i love plants


So for the first time in my life I can finally pursue the garden I always wanted. So far I got celosia, Purple Hearts and porthos and calla lilys. I’m trying to get some grass in my dirt spot areas to make my garden look prettier. I planted some vine seeds as well.

An outdoor oasis on balcony is a great place that we can relax after one day busy wording. Make your own small garden on balcony can be done easily. and you can get inspiration from these few photos. Enjoy! 

try these ideas in your home or make your own, be unique and creative in your patio or yard




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