Putting together an outfit

There are days where I can’t seem to find anything to wear. Although my closet will be full of clothes, I’m not satisfied with the outfits I’m coming up with. I always want to create something new but have a hard time putting together creative outfits when I feel like I’ve worn out everything in my closet! So here are some tips to help get past the morning dilemmas of finding what to wear.1) “I want to look cute! But don’t feel like dressing up today.” – If an outfit just isn’t wanting to come together, stop with the frustration and grab a t-shirt and jeans. I’m always happier when I decide to put off the eccentric outfit that isn’t looking good that day, and pull out my basic pieces. Although I waste my whole morning on an outfit that I didn’t even end up wearing, I’m much more comfortable during the day and I can always try again tomorrow!

2) “It’s too cold to wear this!” – Weather can be a huge pain when deciding what to wear. Especially when you wake up to clouds and hours later the sun is beaming down. But instead of toughing out the early morning chills because you want to wear your favorite crop top, layer up! You can always take off layers throughout the day, but can’t add more if all you’re stuck with is what you’ve got on!

3) “I wore that yesterday!” – I am always telling myself this. When I have go-to pieces it is hard not to wear them to the bone. But if there is a shirt or a pair of pants you want to wear, even though you wore them the day before yesterday, put it on! Jeans especially, no one is going to remember that you wore your dark grey Hudson’s on Tuesday. And if there’s a shirt you like, switch up what you wore with it. Add a skirt instead of jeans, or layer it with a nice jacket! Don’t be afraid to become an outfit repeater! Slowly but surely you will build up your closet to never have to! 

What sort of difficulties do you all have when putting together an outfit? 


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