how to begin loving yourself

Loving yourself is hard work! The best advice I can give is fake it til u make it. Pretend you love yourself and eventually you will find that you are truly amazing indeed. . Caption photos of yourself “I’m freakin adorable/great/smart/important etc” “love me” “honestly I am amazing!” Etc. look in the mirror and instead of being critical say “damn I look good today!” Find things that make you feel confident: an item of clothing, a shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, a particular way you do eyeliner/eyebrows, no makeup, a pair of shoes, glasses, hair clip. Whatever makes you feel good! Maybe it’s an activity: drawing, swimming, running, doing derivatives, algebra, i dont know enough about science to say something specific but physics! Biology!, doodling on your arm, writing lists, etc. Find what makes you confident (no matter how small) and harness that energy. Feed off of that energy until you can move onto another thing.

“Wow that clip I really like makes my hair look really cute. I like how it frames my face. My face looks really nice with my hair likes this because it points to my mouth really nicely. I like when stuff highlights my mouth cause the shape of my lips is so nice…” and so on. Once you find something you feel good about it can lead you to feel good about something else and something else!
In terms of specifically body image, it can be tough. One good exercise is to, again, find something you like. Look in the mirror and compliment parts of you that you like. This can be hard at first—it feels unnatural and forced, but eventually it becomes easier.
Another idea is dressing in a way that makes you feel more confident. This is something I do. For me this means wearing goofy funky stuff anything you can be creative, it could be a specific pair of pants that you think make your legs look nice, or a certain color that brings out your eyes or looks good with your skin.


find something small you can like and accept, and build off of it until you’re confident in more and more.


1. Talk about your body.
2. When someone compliments you, just say thank you.
3. Question the things you used to take for granted.
4. Don’t assign good or bad values to food and exercise.
5. Wear clothes that fit you and make you feel good.
6. Think about activities you’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared to try – and do them.
7. Don’t weigh yourself.
8. No negative self talk.
9. Tell yourself you are awesome.


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